Intuitive Card Reading With Faith

What do I need to put my focus on this week?


The cards this week are beautiful. Simple messages. Deeply helpful. 



🔹Meditate - The higher vibrational energy coming in right now can make meditation and growth easier for some. However, it can also stir things up, creating more heightened thinking, emotions, and opportunities to let go for others. Connect to the quiet space within, and let go of your thoughts (if you can) :) or at least observe them and let them float away. Let your emotions flow through you also - don't hold on. Let them move out. Ask yourself when you have connected to that quiet space inside, where do I need to explore, move or grow right now? Listen to your answers.

🔹Faith - Having faith and trust in the connection to yourself and your inner light is the most important connection we have. When you connect, listen, and be open to possibilities beyond what you already know. The answers will come. Trust yourself. 

🔹Share Your Light - Share who you are with the world. Just you being YOU is the greatest gift to the world. You can also share your wisdom through your words. The light is who you truly are, allow yourself to be who you are, and the world will fit to you instead of you trying to fit into the world :)  


Please watch this week's video below. Have a fantastic week!

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Week of May 30th


Kind Words

If you know Arthur, you may have a very different life than you did before. 

His kindness through patience, wisdom, and grace has helped so many to release judgment, unlearn limiting knowledge, and basically "lose their minds" so that they could open up to something greater - LOVE!!!

Thank you, Arthur, for all of your kindness.