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Awaken To Your Higher Self


Here at The Intuitive Living Institute, our mission is a simple one. We are passionate about putting the power back in your hands. We accomplish this through teaching, training, and guiding you to tune into your intuition. Everything we do at the institute is customized to each individual, and no two people will follow the same learning path. 


With intuition as your foundation, you will feel more connected and awakened. Life will make more sense. You will uncover why you are here and what your purpose is on earth. 


We would be so honored and grateful to walk along the path with you and would be delighted to welcome you. A connected and fulfilling life awaits. 

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A huge thank you to Arthur, who provided us with the most beautiful photos for our new website. These photos are all taken locally, and when you come for our retreats and training, we will give a guided tour of the natural magnificence in Flagler county!

Our Services

We have services based on any level you may be at and will customize each program and class based on your individual needs. 



Our Vision

At the Intuitive Living Institute, we help people overcome emotional and physical challenges utilizing intuitive abilities. We help guide you in redirecting your life to a state of balance, health, and harmony.


Our Mission

To serve as a center for holistic health and wellness, to assist individuals in learning more about changing self-limiting life patterns and overcoming obstacles to health maintenance so that they can see themselves differently and maximize their wellness.



Programs/workshops/seminars/classes and activities are offered in both traditional & non-traditional settings using a team approach of health and wellness professionals. Programs are consciously designed to address the individual's needs in an accepting and supportive environment.

Awaken To Your Higher Self

Kind Words

Chris helped me to confirm who I am and the path that I'm taking. He also helped me to become more conscious of my health and the steps I need to take to become physically healthier.



I instantly felt comforted and welcomed... also a feeling of belonging... I felt a peace. Arthur made it very easy to open up and be vulnerable  - it was nice. My heart is full of gratitude that overflows for such a welcoming, peaceful place to grow - while there being constant support all around.



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"Seven Minutes to Calm"

Your Meditation Is On The Way


Krzysztof (Chris) Chmielewski

Chris, a native of Warsaw, Poland, is an intuitive clairvoyant and gifted healer. From a young age, he was able to see auras and tune into the body's energy disturbances. He uses his amazing gifts to help others heal physically and support their spiritual growth.


Throughout his years of study, Chris sought the guidance and wisdom of many spiritual and energy healers, exploring mystic traditions and methods to expand his knowledge and healing abilities. Chris continues to expand his knowledge and spiritual development.


Chris is well respected by many physicians, and his precise diagnosis has, on many occasions, presented a new perspective on an individual's medical problem. His abilities allow him to tune into the body and spirit to access the underlying cause and the root of the issue and then repair the disturbed energy field.


At the core of Chris's healing approach lies the fundamental belief that ultimate healing authority resides within each person. As such, Chris prioritizes his clients' autonomy, ensures that each individual makes a conscious choice, and gives informed consent to all aspects of the energy healing therapy. This deeply ingrained respect for his clients' wishes is an essential part of Chris's healing practice, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration that empowers his clients to take an active role in their healing journey.


With his extensive expertise and compassionate approach, Chris has become a trusted guide for those seeking to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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