Light Connections Therapy Certification

November 27th 

Anyone who has completed levels 1-4 of Light Connections Therapy welcome


Level 5 - Light Connections Therapy Training With Chris

Training starts at 10:00 am Sunday, November 27th 

Become a certified energy healer with our Light Connections Therapy Certification program. 

Light Connection Therapy is a powerful, proprietary energy healing system. It is a hands-on, module-based training for Individuals interested in enhancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Chris has taken his 30 years of energy and healing experience and combined the best practices to develop this system. Light Connections Therapy is a  multi-level energy healing program, unique, and highly individualized. Due to the personalized approach, class size is limited to 10 participants.

Who is this training for?


This training is for individuals interested in enhancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and:

  • Interested in energy healing and would like to be empowered to heal themselves

  • People interested in using energy healing to help family and friends

  • As an added tool to your current healing business - yoga practitioner, massage therapist, acupuncturist, life coach, for example

  • Business professionals and owners who would like to strengthen their intuitive skills to use in their business

  • Suitable for all skill levels

"Light Connections Therapy Training with Christopher and Arthur this past weekend was the best yet!  It was a unique and beautiful experience. I also connected with myself in a profound way that brought more confidence and love to how I feel about myself, and that was an unexpected and beautiful gift. Christopher has a way of saying the exact right word at the exact right time that goes right to your heart. I cried tears of joy as he expressed things that I could never put words to. Arthur works extra hard to not only translate Chris's amazing words but interpret them in a way that makes sense. They are an incredible team, and the passion for teaching and sharing knowledge is so powerful you can feel it the minute you step into the room if you feel drawn to deepen your intuition (Or your self-love, or confidence... side effects! :)), this is a lovely and fun way to do it. "

- Light Connections Therapy Graduate




"Over the years, my participation in numerous meditations and energy healing sessions with Arthur lead me to pursue training in Light Connections. It was through the Light Connections training where I developed a more in-depth understanding, awareness, and connection to the transformative abilities of energy healing. This training not only taught me about working with energy but revealed to me the parts of my soul that required healing. I was able to overcome energetic blockages and gain the confidence and trust in my own innate healing abilities which contributed to my personal and spiritual growth and transformation. Thank you!" - Valerie

Kind Words from our graduates: 



Healing Path
Custom To You

Spiritual growth looks different for everyone. Therefore, we offer a variety of options and services so that you can tailor your own path with the Intuitive Living Institute.


You have a choice of practitioners you would like to work with. If you are unsure where to start, you can contact Sinead for a Discovery session to discuss your goals to develop a plan of which services and practitioner(s) will be the best fit to help you reach your goals. 


Every session here at the Intuitive Living Institute is unique to you. There is no one-size-fits-all regarding our path and our personal destiny. Therefore, the path of awakening and healing should reflect that. What is suitable for one person may not work for another, which is why well-meaning advice can sometimes not be the best.


Communication with your higher self will put you in the position of your own guide. We can help facilitate this and help you strengthen your connection. 



An energy healing session is an individual and unique session just for you. The practitioner will work with you and your energetic fields to gather information to help you towards your healing goals. At the end of the first session, you will review your complete energetic report/reading with the practitioner.


You will also be given suggestions of the most beneficial and effective treatment services for your individual needs to reach your goals. 

Remote sessions are also available. 

Please note: Sessions with Chris are a special rate of $200 per session. 


$125 or $200


This session is great if you are trying to heal from pain issues or soft tissue problems. Using these modalities together can help bring the body, mind, and soul into alignment. While energy work alone can often take care of the issues you have come to The Intuitive Living institute to heal, adding massage therapy can help you to feel comforted and supported while you ease into this work.  Your session will be a beautiful blend of Intuitive massage and energy healing followed by an explanation of what is taking place on an energetic level currently in your life. This explanation is a result of the intuitive information received while you are being treated. You will gain a greater understanding of what is needed to move beyond any block that you may currently be experiencing, including, but not limited to, physical pain, anxiety and depression, emotional trauma, and feeling stuck in your life. This session will last for 1.5 to 2 hours.




Meditation workshops will help you learn to be present in the moment, clear your energy and mind fields, raise your vibrational levels, learn developmental light connection skills, and much more. These instructional workshops will help you live a happier and more connected life on a daily basis.


*Meditation membership options are also available. You can participate in person or through Zoom. Note: Currently, the Zoom option is open to members only. See our Membership page for more information on how to join.




Individual Services


we have it all covered



Do you feel like you are fulfilling your destiny and living your life's purpose on the life path you intended?  Or do you feel like something might be off or has changed?


Come and investigate your life path with Arthur. He will evaluate where your body and soul are currently and determine if you are indeed fulfilling your life purpose, if you may have gone off your life path, if a new path is available, etc. In these sessions, you will develop strategies to enhance, remediate if needed, and adjust to any changes in your life path. Together you will determine what is best for you. 


  • Your current body life path

  • Your soul's life path

  • Determine if you are doing what you should be doing in life and what you can do if that is not the case.

  • The skills and resources beneficial and individual to help you in this lifetime

  • Your life purpose



imagejpeg_0 4.jpg


Our relationships in life can make or break our happiness. They can be the greatest source of joy and happiness and, conversely, our greatest source of stress. 


We all have relationships of some shape or form in our lives, such as friends, co-workers, family, etc., but it is our intimate relationships that can have a real impact on our growth in life.. 


Most of us want to live our lives peacefully, fulfill our destiny and stay on our path of learning and growth. However, to do so, we often need to evaluate our relationships to see which ones are serving us well and which ones are not. Our quality of life depends on it.


During your Relationship session(s), Arthur can help evaluate your current relationships and provide you with information from a different and higher perspective. This information will help you understand and navigate your current relationships.


  • Is this relationship right for you?

  • Any roadblocks in your relationship

  • Help you see the divine purpose of your relationships and the lessons they provide on your journey.

  • Empower you through the process of addressing your needs

  • Help improve your communication and understanding levels around specific relationships.

  • Put peace back in your life and your heart. 





Want a happier, more connected, purpose-filled life? 


This retreat is like a pause and reset button for your life. Immerse yourself in total healing, physically, emotionally, and mentally for a week dedicated to you alone. Escape the realities and responsibilities for an entire week of self-care. After this retreat, you will be clear on your path and purpose in life and can feel confident moving forward towards joy and happiness.

Readjust & Realign with this total transformation retreat


  • 5 Full Days of one-on-one sessions - You may see several practitioners based on your individual needs.

  • Complete Diagnostic Energy Assessment

  • Physical Body Evaluation

  • Path and Purpose Reading

  • Cleansing and Clearing of Energy Fields

  • Past Life Readings

  • Relationship Assessments

  • Learn how to hear and utilize your intuitive guidance (so you can live life inflow)

  • Energy Healing Session(s)

Energy Healing Session: Receive a complete energetic report after your first session. Then we will guide you to bring your body back into alignment and a state of harmony while raising your vibrational frequency levels. All services are specifically tailored to help the client overcome any emotional and/or physical challenges through communication with the mind, the body, and spirit to determine the most beneficially effective treatment. 


You will leave with 

  • A clear sense of your life's purpose, why you came to planet earth, and what is your primary goal to complete in this lifetime

  • A report on your life path and if you are on the correct path for you

  • a clear sense of Who you are and why you are here.

  • Renewed, Relaxed & Rejuvenated



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to suit you