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With our Intuitive Living Institute Membership Program, you will receive a  full access pass to all meditations in person and online


Intuitive Living Members receive... 

  • Full access to all Meditations (classes and workshops), in-person and remote

  • A selection of guided pre-recorded meditations for profound inner transformation.

  • Full access to Intuitive Living's entire curriculum of Intuition-based classes and free training for transforming your life.

  • Monthly "Energy Forecast" readings - delivered from Chris.  

  • Zoom links to access meditation from the comfort of your own home - only available to members

  • Community of like-hearted spiritual seekers on the same mission of personal transformation. 


✨BONUS: ✨a special discount on all certification training and special events with the institute of 20% off


Pay monthly, and cancel anytime. First month FREE!!!!! No risk to joining. 


Click here to join - $50/month

The Intuitive Membership is here to help you connect to yourself and awaken on your journey through life. When you tap into your natural resources, you can live a more peaceful life and gain traction on your spiritual path. 

Join our community of heart-centered individuals who together consciously make progress on the path of personal empowerment. Together we grow. 


Why become a member?





  • Remove the blockages that have been holding you back. 

  • Finally, quiet your mental chatter. 

  • Full access to all the powerful Meditations that we only share with members

  • Community - Connect with "soul family" and spiritual seekers just like you, who are there to support you on your path of continued growth, and spiritual transformation and radically improve your life.

  • Spiritual and Personal Growth

  • Meditate Anytime, Anywhere with our on-the-go mobile app.

What you will receive with your membership


  • New custom meditations every month for the entire member community only.

  • Monthly Energy Forcast with Chris 

  • Access to free classes and training to help you grow personally and spiritually 

  • Discounts on all new training and classes

  • Savings of over $2,000 a year in just meditations alone!


Spiritual Community

The Intention behind the membership option is to offer support to you as you embark on your spiritual journey make real and positive changes in your life and allow you the freedom to connect on terms that fit with your lifestyle.


This membership will help you tune into your own brilliance and radiant light within so you can see yourself as we see you, powerful and in beautiful light. It is possible for all of us. 


Our wish for you is to feel happy, free, and enjoy your life. With the tools we supply, we can achieve this wish and have the freedom you so very deserve. 


To get started... 


Click the link below and follow the directions to create your account. It's quick and easy. 


You will then have instant access to the recorded meditations, quick guides on getting started, classes on monthly topics, and Zoom links for weekly meditations should you decide to participate from the comfort of your own home.


There is also a mobile app you can download to access everything on the go from your mobile phone. 


You will be charged $50 each month for this ongoing access, and of course, you will always have full access to our support team for help or to cancel at any time!


We are so proud to welcome you to our membership platform! See you inside!



With Chris, any time with him is time is well spent. His calm, peaceful presence is enough, but having a healing session or card reading with him is next level. Words could never do justice to the heartfelt gratitude I feel for these special sessions and his gentle guidance. It has inspired me to shed layers of me that no longer serve me. It has changed me in the best way and, as a direct result, is changing my family and relationships for the better. He has taught me to let go of things and surrender in the past in a way I was doubtful I could do. He has given me confidence and reassurance in times of struggle and, as a massive bonus, has inspired me to love and accept myself, which, a few years ago, I never would have thought possible either. Chris is a beautiful treasure, and the Intuitive Living Institute is a beautiful reflection of that. 



It is not easy to put into words the experience of a Light Connections energy session with Krzysztof, but I can tell you that there was instant soul recognition. All of my worries and questions were rendered irrelevant with the realization that there is more freedom in a life where I love exactly the way I want and that all of my actions can come from that same place of love. Beautiful! 





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