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Together we grow. 

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Are you searching for inner peace, holistic wellness, and a supportive community on your spiritual journey? Look no further!


Our Meditation Membership Program is your gateway to a world of serenity, healing, and personal growth.


What you get with Membership:

A Full Access to all Meditation Classes (in-person and remote)

  • With just a click of a button, you'll have immediate access to our library of recorded meditations. Find solace, calm, and rejuvenation whenever you need it.

Live Meditations via Zoom

  • You don't even have to get dressed or rush out the door as our members can participate in all classes via Zoom! Zoom Option is only available to our members. You can travel and never miss a meditation class! Connect in real time from anywhere in the world


Save $ Every Month

  • As a member, you unlock savings while receiving unlimited access to all our meditation resources. Instead of a pay per class model one $50 a month payment covers you for all meditation classes in that month. It's an incredible value and savings!

30-Minute Pre-recorded Yoga Classes

  • Complement your meditation practice with our 30-minute pre-recorded yoga classes designed to nurture your body. Classes suitable for all levels. 

Monthly Energy Forecast

  • Stay attuned to the universe's energy patterns with our monthly energy forecasts. Chris will show us  what light connections are available to us and  how to navigate the month ahead with confidence and grace.

Expansive Class Library

  • Delve deeper into energy healing and personal growth with our comprehensive class library. Expand your knowledge and skills at your own pace.

Exclusive Discounts

  • Receive exclusive discounts on our training and certification programs, including the opportunity to become a certified Light Connections Therapist at a 20% discounted rate!!

A Spiritual Family

  • Join a loving, like-hearted community on a shared spiritual journey. Our platform is a nurturing space that feels like home, where you can find support, guidance, and companionship. 

Pay monthly, cancel anytime, no risk - just $50 a month. 


Why become a member?





  • Unleash Your Potential by Breaking Through Limitations

  • Silence the Chaos in Your Mind

  • Unlock the Full Spectrum of Meditation Power

  • Join Our Supportive Spiritual Family

  • Get to know the "Real" You. Elevate Your Spiritual and Personal Evolution with a journey of Self-discovery and Spiritual Transformation

Bonus Benefits


  • Bonus Number 1 - We have an APP!!!!!! Not only can you connect on your computer - you can also access your community on your phone!!! Meditate on the go, whenever and wherever you desire, with our user-friendly mobile app. Easy, Quick relief - Just press play!!!!!

  • Bonus Number 2 - Free Access To "PAUSE." Over 30 5 minute meditations for quick de-stressing - ideal for anyone with anxiety or feeling lost. The 15-day program can help get you back on track!

  • Bonus Number 3 - "Lighten-Up" JournalIf you are a journal/planner person... you will love our "Lighten-up" meditation journal. Lighten-up helps track your learnings and growth; you can see how far you have come and look back on things you have learned and can share with others and your family. Sometimes, we don't realize how far we come until we reflect and look back - Lighten-up is the perfect tool to help you. 

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Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at

Spiritual Community

At the heart of our membership lies a profound intention: to stand by your side and support you on your journey.


We want you to see yourself as we see you—powerful and a beautiful light. Our wish for you is to experience unbridled happiness, a sense of freedom, and a deep enjoyment of life. 


This membership is your first step to unlocking the brilliance and radiant light that resides within you. 


To get started... 


Click the link below and follow the directions to create your account. It's quick and easy. 


You will then have instant access to everything!


You will be charged $50 each month for this ongoing access, and of course, you will always have full access to our support team for help or to cancel at any time!


Sign up now and unlock a world of meditation, healing, and belonging.


You are seconds away from the instant relief of - "Press play!!!!"

See you inside!



With Chris, any time with him is time is well spent. His calm, peaceful presence is enough, but having a healing session or card reading with him is next level. Words could never do justice to the heartfelt gratitude I feel for these special sessions and his gentle guidance. It has inspired me to shed layers of me that no longer serve me. It has changed me in the best way and, as a direct result, is changing my family and relationships for the better. He has taught me to let go of things and surrender in the past in a way I was doubtful I could do. He has given me confidence and reassurance in times of struggle and, as a massive bonus, has inspired me to love and accept myself, which, a few years ago, I never would have thought possible either. Chris is a beautiful treasure, and the Intuitive Living Institute is a beautiful reflection of that. 



It is not easy to put into words the experience of a Light Connections energy session with Krzysztof, but I can tell you that there was instant soul recognition. All of my worries and questions were rendered irrelevant with the realization that there is more freedom in a life where I love exactly the way I want and that all of my actions can come from that same place of love. Beautiful! 





I'm in...

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