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Faith Yurchak
Jen Tomczak

What people are sayin about the podcast...

It was great! - I loved the music at the end. It was uplifting and positive. It got me up and dancing!

Very professional and fun. It felt like two people are sitting at a table having a chat. I enjoyed it,

learned something, and would listen again.  - Jackie C. 


Oh my god!!!!!! I love love love this!!!!! So incredibly wonderful!!!

I giggled and talked out loud many times!!! Adore those girls!!! 💗💫☮️🙏🏼 - Alana B.


This is amazing. I will be forwarding this to others. So meaningful,

and I love the professionalism of it. Awesome job!!! - Susan C. 


The episode was sooooo good!!!! Amazing job, ladies <3  - Camille D. 



Loved it! Would recommend anyone looking for a little bit of sunshine in their life.

Thirty-five minutes well spent! Jen and Faith have created something great

that also helps people. So important right now. Excited for the next episode - Sinead M


I  just listened, and It was really great.

Amazing how good they fit together. Thank you, Faith and Jen, for existing.

I was laughing and touched ♥️♥️♥️well done. When I look back since February 

How much 🦋🦋🦋Transformation happens in all of us.

My Heart is full of joy. - Edwina D. 


Wow! This is awesome for sure. It will help a lot of people!

Nicely done ✅ I enjoyed you guys are amazing 🤩  Absolutely beautiful work - Yani K. 


It's really great. Their voices are lovely. 💕

They're both so delightful!! - Susie D. 



It was REALLY good!! I really liked the meditation and

the card reading. It was so professional. - Aisling E

I just wanna say the podcast is amazing 🤩🤩🤩 love it

and looking forward to the next one! - Andrew M.


They are amazing!!!! I can not wait for the next episode!!!!!

I love their voices !!!!! Discussion was almost hypnotizing to me !!!

I felt that I did not want to turn this podcast off...

I wanted to listen to what they will say next  !!! - Arthur L. 


Listened. Loved. They have such good voices, so fluid.

I Loved it! It's Amazing - Rebecca H. 


I love this - thank you! So looking forward to more...

<3 - Mary E. 

Thank you for existing
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