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Valerie Keenan

Life Coach

Energy Healer 

Holistic Life Coach 

Certified Conscious Parenting Certified 

Angel Card Reader 

Certified BS in Alternative Medicine 

Valerie enjoys connecting with clients who are committed to implementing positive changes in their lives. Whether you choose an energy session, coaching session, intuitive Angel Card reading, or attend one of her educational seminars and/or workshops, Valerie will provide you with a nurturing environment while navigating your journey. 

In addition to the previously mentioned services, Valerie is very excited and passionate to share with parents a new, unique model of parenting where they will learn to develop new skills and techniques, leading to less correction and more connection with their child. As our world faces and adapts to new challenges, so too must we. Especially nowadays, it truly does take a village to raise a child, and Valerie wants parents to know, they do not have to face this challenge alone. 

Valerie views the opportunity to assist people with their healing journey as a sacred honor. Having overcome challenging, life-changing relationship issues, fear, and a lack of confidence, her approach is delivered with deep sincerity, compassion, caring, and understanding. Due to the nature of the work involved, Valerie prides herself on creating a safe and nurturing environment for her clients.   She employs her extensive training and wealth of knowledge to respectfully guide people toward achieving their personalized healing goals, whether on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level.    

Through educational workshops and seminars, Valerie seeks to offer people the opportunity to explore new perspectives, expand their knowledge, and develop evolutionary tools to help nourish their soul's growth.   Valerie loves connecting with clients who are eager to institute positive changes in their lives and are ready and willing to take healthy steps towards achieving their personal goals. 

Valerie's greatest wish for her clients: "Through self-discovery, the ability to achieve a sense of inner peace and knowing leading to an abundance of love and joy in their lives." 

The benefits of working with Valerie 

- Immediate shifts in energy and vitality 

- Improved relationships 

- Spiritual Growth 

- Reduction in Anxiety and Fear 

- Stress Management 

- Self-Love 

- Self-Worth 

- Letting Go of the Past 

- Mindset Upgrading 

- Eliminate Overthinking 

- Improved overall health 

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” - Glinda ~ The Wizard of Oz

+1-386 338-5377

Valerie Keenan
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