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Karla Cuthbertson

OT & Founder of SHINE

Occupational Therapist Energy Healer Children's Meditation Guide Owner and founder of Infinite Sunshine, PLLC is a licensed and National Board-Certified Occupational Therapist. 

With over 20 years of experience in both pediatrics and the educational system, Karla has a passion for working with children using a holistic approach to help them develop and gain skills, enrich their lives and watch them shine as they learn and grow into their highest potential and beyond. Karla looks at children for who they are inside, not labels or diagnoses. She uses intuitive skills to guide activities and treatment for their individual needs while also teaching children to live with mindfulness. Often times, this approach brings enormous life-changing results to the children. 

Karla works strictly on a positive mind platform. This approach allows children to focus on staying positive in their early years, which benefits all areas of their life. Her young clients love this approach and often ask for more sessions with "Ms. Karla." Karla has recently expanded her practice to include mindfulness programs to help children reach their full cognitive potential with the creation of The SHINE Experience. Her biggest wish for all the children she works with is to help them be the best version of themselves and shine their inner light confidently. 

Benefits for Children Working With Ms. Karla:

  • Increase in learning abilities 

  • Feeling calmer and more positive 

  • Being anxiety-free 

  • Increased self-love 

  • Stronger bond with parents 

  • Greatly improved fine and gross motor skills 

Background and fingerprint clearance updated August 2019 CPR certification updated December 2021


Karla Cuthbertson
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