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Kari Craig

Intuitive Energy Healer

Kari is an Advanced Certified Light Connections Therapist and a 500-hour Registered Yoga Instructor. She specializes in Intuitive Energy Healing and vibrational alignment. She passionately believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves from anything that ails their mind, body, or spirit by working with and through their energy centers. 

Light Connections, Energy Practices, Yoga, Moon Practices, Crystal Healing, Essential Oils, Herbs, and Nature Therapy are some of the modalities she uses to accomplish alignment with the Divine, her best self, and her highest life path and helps others do the same. 

She believes we can all have happiness, bliss, and the life of our dreams. We all have a brilliant inner light. It is already inside of us! It is simply our job to connect to it. We are all magical beings!

Her goal is to create a sacred, safe place for you to explore your truest spirit and soul. Through this exploration, you will connect with your light, align, expand, grow, heal, and start living your best life with intention and purpose! 

📞 How to Connect with Kari:

  • Schedule your session by calling 386-225-7499

  • Reach out via email:

  • Follow Kari on Facebook:

  • Follow Kari on Instagram: @karicraigflorida

📍 Location:

The Intuitive Living Institute

2 Jungle Hut Road, Suite 1,

Palm Coast, FL 32137

Kari Craig
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