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Jennifer Tomczak

Light Connections Therapist

From a very early age, Jen felt there was more to our existence than the material world... following her inner guidance Jen is immersed in the world of spiritual growth. Exploring the concepts of existence along with energy and how it works, raising our soul vibrations, she now helps others on this same journey. 

Jen is a certified yoga instructor and thrives in helping others to grow. She is our official yoga teacher on our membership platform at the Intuitive Living Institute and co-founder of The Soul Yoga Experience, which combines movement, meditation, and Light connections for a truly blissful experience with benefits that go far beyond the classroom. She also gives classes at her private studio in Flagler Beach. 

She is inspired by kindness and enjoys spending time with her family and meditating with the Angels. 

386 338 2910

Jennifer Tomczak
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