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Faith Yurchak

Master Energy Healer

"Energy Healing, for me, is a way to connect to the energetic vibrations from which we were created. 

We can, then, use those vibrations to clear what no longer serves us in this lifetime and create opportunities for new growth. Intuitive healing takes this work to the next level. I am able to use all of my senses and connections to understand exactly what is needed for each patient's optimal experience in each session and in their life. " 

Faith helps people from all walks of life experience wellness, transformation, and growth through intuitive healing sessions. Faith has studied, taught, and worked in energy healing for over 20 years. She was led to this work through the awareness she always had of the light beings around her and a strong inclination to be able to heal herself from the physical and emotional issues she was experiencing. 

Before becoming Light Connections Certified through The Intuitive Living Institute, Faith practiced and taught Reiki and massage. Light Connections training has helped her to be able to recognize and use her own unique gifts of healing and transformation instead of relying on rituals or techniques. 

Faith is available to help you on your journey to feel whole and balanced so that you may be more at ease navigating your life. Her biggest wish for her clients is that they be open to the amazing changes possible for them through her work. 

Some of the benefits of Working With Faith: 

- Immediate shifts in energy and vitality 

- Improve overall health 

- Heal physical pain 

- Heal emotional pain 

- Experience a greater sense of well-being 

- Reduce and eliminate anxiety and fear 

- Stress management 

- Ability to let go of blockages and the past 

- Become more intuitive 

- Improved relationships 

- Improved mindset 

- Eliminate overthinking 

- Spiritual growth 

- Self-love 

- Getting aligned with your inner healer

734- 674-2098

Faith Yurchak
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