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Edwina Dussel

Light Connections Therapist

Originally from Germany, Edwina now lives in beautiful Palm Coast, FL, with her husband and daughter.

Edwina joins the Intuitive Living Institute as a Light Connections Therapist and offers Well-Being Consultations and Intuitive Coaching.

Edwina has been experiencing energy connections since she was a young child. She remembers distinctly a special moment staring at the sun, feeling that wonderful energy connection, and wondering to herself, "why are we here?" This simple question led her down a path of discovery and into the world of energy healing.

She also questioned why many of the grown-ups around her did not feel well or were struggling. A desire to "make them feel better" sparked another piece of her life's purpose and a quest to help people feel their best.

"I tried many modalities to "feel better," from nutrition to creams. I longed for that one thing that could unlock the inner freedom to feel the energy and vitality I knew intuitively was possible. And one day came to me, the realization that all the tools I needed were already inside of me. I had all the answers. I just had to tap into that inner knowing. It was a truly beautiful realization.

I now use my intuitive senses now to help my clients and guide them toward their inner knowing and healing capabilities.

Working with Edwina is a comforting and extremely soothing experience. She creates a safe and welcoming space so clients can open up, relax in their light connections, and be themselves fully.

I help people:

  • Feel their inner light / reconnect to their authentic self and vitality

  • Stop overthinking - and move from intellect to heart work

  • Activate their personal power - so they can find all their answers within

  • With their mindset, to overcome beliefs that may no longer be serving them or holding them back

  • With their overall health and wellness

I love to work with women with younger kids. This is an especially challenging time for women - often working, parenting, and dealing with relationships. It can create overwhelm and a sense of lost identity. I help women reconnect to that vibrant light and spark inside so they can be the best partner and parents they can be and find happiness and fulfillment in the journey.

386 302 8689

Edwina Dussel
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