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🔹 Do you feel like you never have time for yourself and are starting to feel overwhelmed ? 

🔹 Are you tired of the daily grind and not feeling like you can get ahead? 

🔹 Feeling stuck, stressed out, or anxious about everyday things? 


Then it might be time to hit the PAUSE button. 


Introducing the Intuitive Living Institute's first FREE online course that takes just minutes daily. Committing 5 minutes a day to yourself consistently with intention can change everything. 


You can be happier, more connected, and more peaceful, dissolving anxiety, fears, and worries! 


You can be more confident in yourself and your choices as you rely more on your intuition.


You can be proud of yourself for finally putting yourself first and committing to your personal development and spiritual, emotional, and mental health.


You can inspire your kids, friends, family, and loved ones, who will undoubtedly ask what you are up to! 


It takes less than a minute to join, and you'll also get instant access.


Join now and start anytime you like!

In just 5 minutes a day, you can:

⭐️Raise Your Vibration

⭐️Dissolve Anxiety 

⭐️Reduce Stress

⭐️Strengthen Your Intuition

⭐️Connect with Yourself on a Deeper Level

⭐️Learn coping tools you can use over and over


Here is what is included in this online course

✨30 meditations to raise your vibrational levels

✨TWO Bonus Cleansing Meditations

✨Ebook - 15 Exercises to help you dissolve anxiety

✨Eight 5-minute Yoga Classe

✨Beautiful Journal/Planner/Tracker 

✨Support from Intuitive Living Institute Practitioners during your 15-day challenge


You can start whenever you like and pick whichever option you feel like daily (Charlie or Sarah) - one thing to note is that all the Yoga videos are in Charlie :) 


Also, the mindset and mindfulness exercises are an option, so you can do one daily or do them all together! 

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 9.53.24 AM.png

Our Gift To You:


"PAUSE - Your Moment of Peace"


A FREE online course to help dissolve anxiety, overthinking, and stress. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 1.26.58 PM.png

All the tools in this FREE course can be used over and over. 


With almost 50 activities, you can do one a week for nearly a year, and there are definitely going to be a few you love.


Share with family and friends - you will have lifetime access for FREE.


One very important thing to note: We do not get results from what we do not implement. 


We all desire to be happier, more peaceful, and free from anxiety.


Changes can be tricky as they require commitment, repetition, and of course, action. We acknowledge all of this, know how busy you are, and want to make it easy and quick! Just 5 minutes a day. 


This is all it will take if you stick with it. 5 minutes. It can lead to significant changes in your life. It will put you in a higher vibrational state. It will allow a more peaceful life experience. It will equip you with the tools you need to deal with the stress and anxiety of everyday life. 


Committing to and completing your daily PAUSE will connect you to yourself again and give you a renewed sense of well-being


We have Intuitive Living Institute Practitioners ready and willing to support you anytime. Just reach out if you need it. 


You can do this! 


Join now - start anytime!

Sign Up Here

What People are saying about the PAUSE course...

This is so incredible. I am amazed at how you pulled all this together. I love the bonus meditations and that they have access to everything no matter how they decide to do it. Love, love, love. 💗💗💗

Just WOW!

Oh wow, this

looks amazing!!!!

WOW!!! I do not even have words to express how much I LOVE it!!! It is AMAZING!!! I would pay for this!!

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