What is

Energy Healing? 

Our body, although it appears solid, is constantly vibrating. It is not stable and solid as we imagine. From a scientific perspective, we are vibrational energy. Energy is the underlying structure of our body.  

Energy healing is a vehicle to help bring the body back to it's original state of harmonic balance. With the correct flow of energy, the body will fall into natural healing, and will be emotionally sound. 


At the Intuitive Living Institute, our goal is to empower you to become your own healer.  You will learn to tune into your energy field and as a result raise your vibrational levels. Energy healing is available to all of us, all the time. 

As we move through life, day to day experiences and emotions can get “stuck” in our energy field. Even the emotions of others can attach to you and start weighing you down and can lead to a “muddy” energy field. Energy healing can become a sort of personal hygiene – like showering at the end of a busy day; for example, a “light” shower (or daily cleansing) may work wonders for your energy field and your emotional state. 


Energetic blocks can negatively affect our physical and emotional wellbeing. An imbalance in the body creates a blockage of energy flow. With energy healing, you work to ensure the energy flows smoothly, so the body can return to it's original state of balance. 


Energy healing is not new. It may feel new age or trendy, but it has been around for centuries. It can be difficult explaining what we do in the general population, but it is in fact for everyone. It is not necessary to be "spiritual" or believe in any specific philosophy for it to work. An open mind should be enough.


Reasons to give energy healing a try:


  • Feeling bogged down

  • Tired

  • Stuck

  • Physical healing of ailments

  • Help with injuries

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Increase vitality

  • Raise your vibrational levels



Energy healing involves accessing the body’s energy field, where all of our information is stored – like a computer hard drive. It is subtle yet tangible. It is a fast and efficient way to remove blocks that may be occurring in your life. It can explain patterns and help break you free from old “stuff.” Once the blocks are removed, the body is free to heal itself. 


The chakras are the primary energy transmission centers of the body. Their job is to vitalize the body. "Every thought and experience you have ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells..."*


Working with an energy healer, you will be able to investigate your chakras and energy field and develop a custom plan to help you reach your goals. 


Each person has their own individual blueprint. No two people are the same. This makes it more challenging for us to teach in “steps” or create guidebooks as no two people will have the same instructions. 


At The Intuitive Living Institute you will experience this custom approach and create your own individualized learning map. This knowledge will apply to every area of your life, not just your physical and emotional wellbeing but your work, and relationships.  It will grant you the freedom to live your life on your path and to live life as it is supposed to be... Enjoyed!

*from Anatomy of the Spirit (1996), Carolyn Myss 


Side Effects of Energy Healing