Charity Nicole

Certified Birth Doula

Certified Birth Doula
Child Birth Educator
Postpartum Birth Doula
Cross Over Doula
Medical Intuitive
Certified Yoga Instructor
Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga (Postpartum yoga offered after 6 weeks postpartum)
Certified Light Connections Therapy
Breastfeeding Education And Training

Charity Nicole is a native of Corpus Christi, TX. She is the founder of Doula Plus +. Charity Nicole is extremely passionate about all mothers' well-being and seeks to empower, uplift, and encourage them to become their highest selves. She serves as a Certified Birth Doula and women's mentor at the Intuitive Living Institute in Palm Coast, FL.

Birth Doulas are trained professionals that assist and empower mothers during all stages of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. We hold space for all mothers while encouraging them to be the leader of their birth. Birth Doulas provide informational, physical, and emotional support before, during, and after labor.

As Birth Doulas, we will assist the birthing mom in creating a tailored birth plan and assist you with having the most memorable and self-empowered birth experience possible.


- Birth doula support
- Post-partum doula support
- Single and teen mother support services
- New to Motherhood services


Charity Nicole